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Future Between Us

“THE FUTURE BETWEEN US” This artistic collaborative project was shaped by a few series of digital and mostly physical meetings. (work in progress) driven by the emergence issue, thematic looking at environmental crisis and state of the body as landscape for outcome. This relevant conversation creates space that enables the shifting idea of society to emerge, acknowledge, advocate the essential part that governs the entire human civilization. the black-white-brown the centric, last resort is the “BODY” the scientists, intellectuals, artists, doctors, politicians, the wanacha at large possesses this same fragile and expensive material to repair. Precisely living in the present is such a profound component in which the future between us co-exist at the same time but how do we negotiate and navigate? how do we shift the static thinking to introduce resilience and solidarity? in relation to climatic changes. The victim is the “body” again seeking better solutions that favours the continuity of its entire existence is such an important practice crossing generations. All in All, thrilled to recognize the amazing artistic collaborators who believed in this idea, issue before it’s birth from the talented musicians Rodney Joel, Shiraf Innocent, poetry by Zoey-The storyteller featuring guitarist Collin Sserunjoji, with dancers Opio Steven, Shid Keke and Ndawula Ronald.
Concept & Choreography by Haman Mpadire
Photos: Alex Poper