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KUMBE Workshop +

Improvisation / Black Philosophies / Ritual / Contemporary Archiving Bodies – (Beginners / Intermediate)

KUMBE – ”Join the Tribe” – representation is awareness, healing, awakening of the mind, spirit and body. In this workshop series we explore the unknown, things that are unseen/Imaginative/memories. I’m not giving you permission but energising you owning what belongs, resonates to you in spacetime. Haman is guiding, suggesting ideas through choreographic contemporary thinking aesthetics, methodologies and healing ritual practice existing in Busoga culture.

Unfolding Questions
How do we trigger personal and collective healing process? How do we negotiate relationships? How do trace memories through movement and sound? Can we become new from old self? How do we active the body? How do we come back from trauma? Can I help you remember something? What is possible? What is achievable? What is seen and not seen? How can we navigate, invite the impossible in space?

Teaching/Workshop Motivation – Practice

As an independent artist, teaching has become one of my main interests; I strongly believe that work must be shared in order to transcend its personal borders, In my teaching/workshop practice I constantly consider the above as departure point into working process where participants are invited into non-judgmental space, in which they could unfold, dream, trust, think for themselves. In my workshop I don’t focus, intend on perfection or finished product but rather processes including noticing and embracing situations and encouraging participants to go deep into what matters for them